Why I Became a Financial Advisor

By Kari McLeod, Pangaro Wealth Management

While everyone changes and evolves as we get older, there are two things that have remained constant throughout my life: a strong pull towards personal finance and a passion for helping people. I discovered my natural knack for numbers and interest in financial literacy in high school and in college. After graduating, however, I wasn’t inspired by the industry’s structure at that point. Independent advisors weren’t as common and I didn’t want to become a stockbroker or financial representative with a big corporate that required me to fulfill quotas or push clients into certain products. I instead chose to pursue a career a role in financial reporting and analysis in the retirement services industry. 

I quickly worked my way up the ladder for the next 13 years, managing financial projects from start to finish. It was rewarding to see success or opportunities come to fruition after following a process and making adjustments along the way. As much as I enjoyed my job, I started growing weary of corporate America. I was more interested in the financial planning I was doing as an unofficial side job for friends and family for the past decade. And throughout my career thus far, I always had a hidden desire to work more closely with people and to really help. A voice inside me kept nudging me, “you can be doing more for others.” After encouragement from family and friends and a chance introduction with a small financial planning firm owner, I made the leap and haven’t looked back since.

My Role in Women’s Lives

Today, working with Pangaro Wealth Management, my mission is to help women, manage the relationship between money and their goals without anxiety or stress. Whether they’re young, have reached midlife, or are aging with grace, professional working women and stay-at-home moms alike often find themselves caring for their children on their own after major life transitions such as a divorce or death of a spouse. I personally experienced this predicament when I went through a divorce, so I know firsthand the emotions and decisions that women face during difficult life transitions.

I like to believe that this is one of the main reasons why clients have chosen to work with me and referred other women to me. I want my clients to be able to relate with me, knowing I can speak truthfully to their experiences and relay my knowledge and guidance to serve as a reliable resource in all aspects of their financial future. I am always honest about the challenges that come with financial planning and ensure they know that their goals are not impossible to achieve because I believe in them.

While there are challenges that come with being a financial advisor, such as giving reality-checks or delivering news that isn’t always positive, I can’t imagine being in any other job. I’m grateful that I finally listened to that voice inside of me, taking the experience I’ve gained over the past decade to fulfill my real passion of connecting with people and their personal finances. Knowing that the majority of women don’t realize there are professionals out there like me willing to help them drives me everyday in my career. There are so many women I have helped and there are even more I want to help.

How to Get Started

Pursuing and achieving goals is much easier when you aren’t alone in the process. A helpful guide and support system can make all the difference. If you are looking for financial guidance, a member to be part of your “life team,” or a second opinion regarding your current strategies, I encourage you to reach out to me today for no-obligation conversation. I always enjoy meeting with women I believe I can help. Connect with me on LinkedIn, send me an email at kari@pangarowm.com, or call (203) 439-2626.

About Pangaro Wealth Management

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