What kind of relationship do you have with your financial planner?

Relationships come in all forms these days. With social media, working remotely, and online dating options, it’s easy for someone to say they have a ‘relationship’ with you. How many of these people have you actually met? As in, had an actual conversation with? It’s fine if the conversation has been over the phone, Face Time, or in person. The point is, you’re actually getting to know them beyond the easy “it’s so hot out today, isn’t?” To have a meaningful relationship with someone means that you actually care how they are doing, what drives them every day, and most of all, what makes them smile.
Your relationship with your financial planner should be no different. After all, they are a part of the team that helps secure your financial future. You usually need to reach out to them when you get a new job, have a baby, get a divorce or inherit a sum of money after your great aunt passes away. Most planners are surprised when their client reaches out to them—they get nervous that something is wrong.
A planner that is on your side is one that knows you might be planning for a family soon, that you are an aspiring photographer wanting to save for your own studio, or your 8 year old sons birthday. A great planner is someone you trust and respect. Many times when we hear from a client, it might turn into a mini-therapy session because they are stressed about what to do next. It’s natural for someone to explain themselves trying to justify why they need your help. Simply because it’s difficult to ask for help. There should be no fear in reaching out to your planner that you need their help simply because you don’t feel comfortable—because you haven’t formed a relationship with them.
Chances are, there is an advisor or planner out there that fits your personality, your expectations and your goals. Make sure they will go to bat for you and they are someone you feel comfortable with.
What is your advisor doing for you?