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5 Refreshing financial steps women should take before and during a divorce (or during any life transition)

I know this is a finance post, but before I jump into giving you a checklist for financial steps to take before and during divorce, I first want to say: Stay positive and remember you WILL get out of this. Positivity can carry you further than you’d ever imagine when the chips are down. It’s good for your brain, your body and your soul. When all those are all aligned, the financial steps become a non-emotional step in the process.

Who’s in the Bunker?

Well that was a pretty wild roller coaster yesterday, wasn’t it? How many times did you cover your eyes but peeked through your fingers? Did you immediately go to your account balances and cringe? If you did, that’s certainly ok—and a normal reaction. It’s also perfectly normal for you to have either called your advisor or thought about taking everything out yourself.

What kind of relationship do you have with your financial planner?

Relationships come in all forms these days. With social media, working remotely, and online dating options, it’s easy for someone to say they have a ‘relationship’ with you. How many of these people have you actually met? As in, had an actual conversation with? It’s fine if the conversation has been over the phone, Face Time, or in person. The point is, you’re actually getting to know them beyond the easy “it’s so hot out today, isn’t?” To have a meaningful relationship with someone means that you actually care how they are doing, what drives them every day, and most of all, what makes them smile.